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The creation of the Label7 Group has progressed in stages as the company has grown and its clients’ outsourcing requirements have changed :

- 1996: Label7 is founded,
- 2001: This year was a turning point
   for Label7 as initiating the launch of
   the NL7 International network
- 2002 : Takeover of SMS Diffusion 
  (the merchandising arm of the Label7 
  France Group)
- 2004 : Multifa7 is founded (Logistics
   and Information Intelligence arm of
   the NL7 International network
- mid 2006 : NL7 China
- 2008 : NL7 Thailand
2010 : NL7 Bangladesh, 
- ... planned for the Summer 2011 : NL7 Tunisia.

As the leader on the French source tagging market, the Label7 Group has become an indispensable partner in the textile industry, through its NL7 International network, the Number 1 French network of affiliated print-shops held by the parent company.

The Label7 Group is a trusted outsourcing partner working with its clients on all their labelling, enhancement and textile packaging projects, through ownership of 7 manufacturing facilities in France, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Morocco and Turkey, which enable it to fulfil an optimal number of working hours, with 140 employees and a turnover in excess of 14 million Euros.