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Looking to manufacture the best possible quality products from our platforms is the central preoccupation of Label7’s teams, for barcode printing, production of woven and fabric labels and also packaging and merchandising.
At each stage of the manufacturing or printing process (barcodes), our supervisors are involved at the front, middle and end of the production line to check the conformity of products to be delivered to our clients. There may be as many as 18 check points on a packaging production line.
On a continuous quest for zero defect manufacturing, Label7 has made rigorous, committed quality measures an integral part of its service provision strategy to its clients.


Uniting a total of 140 employees over all its platforms, diversity has become part of the group’s “DNA,” since the founding of the parent company and its NL7 International network.

More than eight languages are spoken over the entire network (French, English, Cantonese, Tamil, Turkish, Arabic, Greek and Bengali) which add to the human resources and strength of the network, which is ever more in touch with its clients.
The social policy of each Label7 platform prioritises fairness and individual development, without any discrimination as to gender, age and national or ethnic origin. This is as much in terms of recruitment, wages and access to training, as to the employment legislation specific to each of the countries where the group is established.


As part of the ISO certification project, Label7 is very mindful when it comes to issues of environmental protection and societal engagement. The majority of raw materials used are recyclable. The Group’s Logistical Management Department monitors compliance and the standardisation of manufacturing processes. The choice of partners and suppliers with whom we work is also dependent upon their commitment to eco-citizenship: the company Label7 attaches great importance to these matters.