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At Label7, computer data transmission is subject to a stringent IT protocol directly managed from the French head office in Pantin using its Multifa7 dedicated structure which is in charge of Information Intelligence and Logistical Co-ordination of the NL7 International network.
Securing computer data, the spearhead of Label7’s business and a gauge of its reliability for our clients around the world, confidentiality and sustainability are part of an overall IT management strategy which receives the greatest of attention.

Label7’s computer platform relies on special SDSL lines providing constant upload and download bandwidth. Our network infrastructures and data-warehouses are monitored on a 24H basis and we react within 60 minutes in the event of a breakdown, guaranteeing almost instant recovery of computer data and orders sent via our servers if there is a problem.

Our computer hosting is carried out in a Data Centre certified as BS7799 Part 2 2002 compliant and approved according to the ISO17799 standard, located in the Parisian region and providing up to 4,700 bays, 3 generators of 1,500 KvA with running time of 72 hours in the event of an emergency.

More than twenty intranets, each dedicated to a client, are managed and administered by our IT teams, who also ensure interfacing with our clients’ IT services.
On request, our engineering centre can take care of the development of special programmes for processing our clients’ sensitive data.

Our statistics record around 8,000 daily logins to the intranets developed and made available to the suppliers-subcontractors registered with Label7.
And no less than 150,000 order lines are processed daily by our IT systems for routing to any of our manufacturing platforms.

All our servers are set up at Label7’s head office in a room with secure access. Automatic outside back-up is performed on a daily basis on site and on the HP and Sun servers, thus ensuring unfailing reliability.

Security relating to the integrity of the premises and the hosting and protection of our servers and intranets is one of the DOSI Group’s primary focuses.