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With some 300 tons of paper used every year, almost a billion items (printed and woven) manufactured every year, an average of a thousand parcels shipped per day by sea, land and air to more than 40 countries, Label7 and its network NL7 International have standardised a global process of logistics’ management. As a cornerstone of the group, the Label7 Logistics Department is also its greatest market strength !

The logistics aspect is a primary focus of Label7’s business, which pursues the following principles :
1. preparing manufacture of the product in complete accordance with the client’s specifications;
2. having the ability to despatch to, and stock products in, Europe, the Maghreb, Asia and India, with complete control of production, processing, transport and storage costs... for the greatest possible profit to its clients;
3. being able to deliver the right product at the right time, to the right person and the right place anywhere in the world as swiftly as possible.

Label7 has mastered these skills for 13 years and takes great pride in working daily with more than 5,000 suppliers-subcontractors at its 7 production platforms worldwide.

Client benefits are tangible because Label7 enables its clients to:
1. do away with tiresome inventory management;
2. increase flexibility and cost-effectiveness;
3. work using the Just-in-Time strategy.