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Security projects are becoming widespread throughout all distribution networks for large French and European stores.
This is to counteract inventory shortage due to shoplifting which occurs erratically, and with a view to reducing costs, retain profit margins and increase shop turnover.

By freeing up sales personnel from time-consuming logistical tasks which are difficult to manage and often carried out to the detriment of personal customer attention during sales, brands have decided to adapt to changing circumstances and relieve their sales network as much as possible from the tasks of fitting and taking off anti-theft products, with the aim of improving productivity at retail outlets.

Even though around twenty French stores have taken the plunge and opted for anti-theft source tagging at their suppliers-subcontractors, an increase to three figures in this sector will confirm to professionals that anti-theft source tagging provides real added value for brands who might hope to bring in around 15% more turnover.

Drawing on its expertise in various technologies on the market (magneto-acoustic, radio-frequency, RFID), Label7 is already working with some big ready-to-wear brands when it comes to protection at source.

After studying the objectives and limitations of each client, Label7 works with them in designing and implementing suitable solutions (technology, installation) specifically for their network (franchises, direct distribution, etc.).

In addition to the range of services on offer, there is also a variety of products (walkthrough detectors, anti-theft systems, deactivation tables for shops, and so on) in step with the latest technologies on the market.

Through their awareness at the leading edge of R&D, Label7 guarantees you quality and customised guidance on matters of anti-thiefing protection at source and thanks to its partnership with one of the worldwide leader of the RFID, TAGSYS RFID, to benefit from Experts'words.

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