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As items which truly define and recommend a brand, bags, giftboxes, purses, tissue papers, and logoed gift ribbons are also at the heart of creative design within marketing teams and sales’ departments.

The care taken over the creation and manufacture of these objects which are highly effective yet ephemeral, helps to give your brand a top quality, aesthetically pleasing image.

Label7, an expert in printing techniques on all materials and in sourcing of raw materials and accessories, has put in place a dedicated business structure called “SMS Diffusion” to meet the demands of its existing clientele when it comes to packaging and merchandising.

Working with materials as varied as woven and non-woven textiles, kraft and tissue paper, fabrics of the linen type and natural cotton, using wide-ranging printing and weaving processes (flexographic, selective varnishing, laser printing, four-colour process, thermal, etc.), Label7 will study with you the technical feasibility of your packaging-merchandising projects.

Here is a list of some of our merchandising creations:

> Bags and giftboxes for ready-to-wear brands
> Printed tissue paper
> Jewelled purses in silk, organza and cotton
> Neck wear for sales’ staff in stores
> Loyalty cards with overprinted barcodes and customer booklet
> Accessory clips for scarves and belts in stores
> Fabric jewellery for handbags
> Shelf talkers for stores
> Small point-of-purchase advertising displays in stores
> Brand ribbons...

For all enquiries call:
SMS Diffusion +33 (0) 1 41 83 08 72