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Each of Label7 network’s platforms is equipped with digital, offset and thermal printing equipment, ensuring excellent printing quality.

The barcode is an extremely delicate product requiring technology which can ensure reliable, top quality printing whatever material is chosen: card, paper, PVC, man-made materials, and repositionable adhesive materials.

Barcode printing quality (300 to 600 dpi) at the end of the Label7 production line has been classified Grade A – the best ranking on the market which reinforces the Group’s position as experts in textile tagging.

Source tagging is also accompanied by the printing and manufacture of content labels. Our software developed in-house equips each of our production facilities and ensures uniform quality standards across our platforms.
The quality control department at Label7 and each of its production platforms guarantees near 100% perfect final printing quality. Label7 has committed itself to every one of its clients over the last 13 years with this pledge to excellence and zero-defects.

Commercially speaking, Label7 takes pride in delivering its clients worldwide within a maximum of Day+3 from the validation of orders, thanks to the development of an administrative intranet for supplier orders dedicated by brand, and whose high performance has been demonstrated by its teams.

Using this tool, every client can manage his orders totally independently: validate or cancel them, restock products, work on the detail of each content label, prepare his packaging labels using a data entry form and directly print them out in his office...
To this end, the Label7 sales’ department provides a telephone support service to help the client familiarise himself with the intranet tool made available.

Every day of the year, all the group’s teams are dedicated to keeping these strong commitments regarding deadlines, the quality of the product delivered and customer relations.